Misono Kobe main store
Sannomiya, Kobe

Misono Kobe main store Sannomiya, Kobe

History of Misono as the birthplace of Teppanyaki

Misono was opened in Kobe in 1945. Misono was the originator of Teppanyaki that a chef directly serve food across a big iron plate. The creative idea serving food and the great flavor that you cannot have with any other types of cuisines have been succeeded. It is located at south of Ikuta shrine and in front of Tokyu Hands. The restaurant is on the 7th 8th floors at the glassed building owned by Misono. Please enjoy the taste of original Teppanyaki.

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Misono Osaka store
Kitashinchi, Osaka

Misono Osaka store Kitashinchi, Osaka

Gourmet spot with a retro-themed atmosphere that will satisfy our valued customers

After having achieved success in Kobe, Misono opened its second store in Minami area of Osaka. It was later moved for a renewal to Kitashinchi which is one of the most famous city centers in Kansai region. The retro style design that reflects the mood of the beginning of Showa period and spacious private rooms with a Japanese Horigotatsu style low table that is built into the floor at Osaka store will let you fully enjoy our Teppanyaki steak. The store is located on National Route #2 and very accessible such as by a taxi and 1 minute walk from JR Kitashinchi station.

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Misono Kyoto store
Kawaramachi, Kyoto

Misono Kyoto store Kawaramachi, Kyoto

Taste the originalKobe beef teppanyaki steak in the historic city Kyoto

In 1982 at about the same time as Osaka store moved from Minami area to Kita area, Kyoto store was opened. The design around the counter is inspired by temples and shrines of historic city of Kyoto. Taisho roman style themed table seats create a warm atmosphere. This charming interior will be perfect to end your day of sightseeing. The restaurant is loved by celebrities of both Japan and foreign counters, Kabuki actors, and Maiko. Even on rainy days, you can visit the restaurant without being wet.

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Misono Shinjuku store
Shinjuku, Tokyo

Misono Shinjuku store Shinjuku, Tokyo

Enjoy the premium teppanyaki steak at Misono Shinjuku, which offers a breathtaking view of Tokyo from the 51st floor of the Sumitomo building

Shinjuku Sumitomo Building (a.k.a. Triangle bldg.) is having its 41st anniversary in the district of high rise buildings. Since the building was opened, Misono has been operating its restaurant at the great location of the 51st floor that looks like floating in the sky. There are total 52 seats at the restaurant where the reversed V shaped counter and Japanese or western style 5 private rooms are available. It will be perfect for any occasions from business to sightseeing, meetings, and parties.

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